Salz Windlicht


Das Team von Siroccoliving, Dänemark, beschreibt die Marke wie folgt: “The name is inspired by the sirocco wind, that blows all the way from Sahara to Europe and brings little grains of sand from one culture to another. We wish to give you the possibility to add unique products to interior decoration, products from fascinating cultures. Our unique products will bring a personal, warm and aesthetic expression to interior decoration. All products are based on traditional crafts and materials of the highest quality. Sirocco is a Danish family business who introduced the Sirocco products to the Danish market in 2010. The Danish designer Ellen Raven and her husband have for several years lived in the Siwa Oasis in the middle of Sahara. They are in charge of development and production of the Sirocco products – in co-operation with the locals. The design of all products, takes source in ancient handcraft traditions inherited through generations. Behind the Sirocco production is a growing number of Egyptian artisans. In a country that offers very little support in general and where the economy has been destroyed by revolution and lack of tourism, more and more people depend on their hands and the work they offer using them. In these hands and the minds behind, ancient talents and unique craftsmanship is nurtured. These qualities being heavily threatened by globalism and the ‘use and throw’ mentality introduced recently, are in danger of disappearing. Sirocco living works only in fair, loyal and ethical relationships. We know that creating this economic platform for a community demands responsibility and we strive to be there all the way.
Each person purchasing a Siroocoliving product can rest assured that even without any certification or label to lean against, behind each product is a list of content and proud artisans doing magic with their hands and being valued for it. The base material plays an important part in the Siroccoliving products. Whether its cotton, copper or stone or another material, we work only with pure materials in simple forms that pay well deserved tribute to the beauty of the material itself.”
Handgefertigtes Salz Windlicht, in drei Größen wählbar. Von ägyptischen Handwerkern gearbeitet, in Dänemark designed.
Zum Material Salz und den Produkten sagt der Hersteller:
“Compressed through thousands of years in the underground around the oasis of Siwa is a dense layer of salt. From great blocks of this salt the artisan is able to carve shapes and form beautiful pieces. Visible in the salt is stripes of grey-brown sand, these stripes are remnants of the great sandstorms roaming the area throughout the years. The light filtered through the salt crystals is an amazingly soft and pleasant light.”
Farbe: off-white

Material: Salz

Größe: S = 15 x 6 cm/M = 20 x 9 cm/L = 24x 14 cm

Please note: Only use one tea-light per candleholder. Base of candleholder may become hot when candle is lit; ensure that surface underneath candleholder is protected and take care when handling. As these are natural products, they vary in color and texture. Do not get the candleholders wet as naturally, the salt will disintegrate.

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